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This guy hand-forged his own wedding ring. OUT OF A METEORITE.

That’s it. Game over. You will never have a wedding ring cooler than that of redditor laporkenstein. Not only did he fashion the band himself, in the formidable fires of… well… his garage — he forged the damn thing out of a chunk of meteorite. (A Gibeon meteorite, to be exact.) Laporkenstein… you, sir, are a DIY luminary.

All told, laporkenstein says it took him about four days to craft the ring, using “the same techniques employed to make samurai swords” (by which, we assume, he means the layered metalworking techniques similar to those used in the production of Damascus steel). We’ve picked out a few examples from his series of over 40 pictures documenting the forging process, but you’ll definitely want to check out the entire album over on imgur.


I can imagine Sokka doing this for Toph

ok good i’m not the only one


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How cute is Stylist, Monica Rose’s daughter, Alaia

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